Employee Qualifications

After many years of experience in staffing personnel, we know the components necessary for a new employee to be successful in your office. First and foremost are the employee’s training, skill set, credentials and years of experience necessary to meet your position’s requirements.

We have a minimum of two years experience in a medical or dental office for all of our applicants and positions. We understand that some positions or offices may require only a limited number of years experience, and other positions or offices may require several years experience in order to provide the level of expertise required for that particular position.

CHERYL ANN MEDICAL PERSONNEL personally interviews and individually qualifies each prospective new employee. We review the candidate’s background for you. We review their job stability, experience and credentials, along with their computer knowledge of software and EMR, as well as the applicant’s language skills, grammar and spelling skills. We also check references with each of their previous medical or dental employers, verifying dates and performance.

On top of having the above necessary criteria, we know that the right personal attributes are key to maintaining a positive and upbeat work environment in your office. Our goal is to introduce you to medical and dental professionals who have a congenial, caring attitude, an excellent work ethic, and a high level of confidence and professionalism.

We particularly encourage and look for enthusiastic applicants who offer inspiration, hope and quality healthcare for all their patients.